Column Value changes between table view to edit form

First row selected for edit…Fruit Column value is “Apple” and “Pick Date” is 2/3/2021.

When selected for edit and in FORM, Fruit Column value shows “Peach”. “Pick Date” also changed. It appears just these columns are overlaid with the initial value expressions . But the “Variety” and “Weight Type” columns are correct. Not sure what is set incorrectly.

Hi @Tim_Schulz
Which is your key column? Are they all unique Ids ?


I’m using _rownumber as the key.

Rownumbers are never good Key values - what happens when a row is removed?
(Answer: every key value in the table changes)

Try switching to either using UnqiueID() - literally in it’s own dedicated column - or use the DateTime for the EntryDate

  • DateTime makes an “okay” key value - better than a rownumber for sure.

I added a unique key column; seeded existing rows with unique values; regen’d; defined uniqueid expression on column; saved. No change in behavior.

Another clue:
I noticed with the table view behavior setting: Behavior section>Event Actions
I have it set pointing to the “Edit” system generated action, which results in the issue described above. However, when I changed this to “auto” – the selected row is displayed in detail with an edit action button to reach the form. Using the edit action button from this “intermediate view” functions correctly, i.e., the correct column values are displayed in the form. The issue seems to only happen when going from table view directly to form view via the “Edit” system generated action. And, I have not changed the “Edit” action parameters. Is a true/false expression needed in the “Edit” action perhaps…???