Column Width still too large on "Narrow"

Question -

I’ve set Column width to Narrow. Still, the columns are significantly larger than the headers and content. See below. Anyone have an idea of how to solve this?

To further communicate - I basically want the Ticker to column to be half its width.

Set the width to “default”, then do a “save and verify”. It may or may not help, but that is all you can do. The app user can also manually resize the columns by click-and-dragging.

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Womp. Anyone else have an answer? Thanks much.

FWIW - Default / Narrow / and Wide all carry what appears the exact same widths. No change.

There are no other options.


This and “Regenerate Structure” are the only things I know and that have helped me in the past.
This is a very weak point of AppSheet

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Bleh. V. unfortunate. Thank you all.

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