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I have the data I want to display under the Select Locations: column and I have that column set to show. However, that column is not appearing in the view. Does anyone know why? Thanks :smile:

In Detail views, which is the type of view shown, only columns that have been assigned values are shown. Has the “Select Locations” column been set to anything?

To test and see if this is truly the issue, tap the Edit icon in the lower right corner. Check to see if that column appears there. If so, does it have a value? If not, assign one and save. When you are brought back the Detail view, you should now see that column showing.

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Thank you John. I set the type of Select Locations to Enum List and I want the user to select from a dropdown all the locations for a particular route. So I know I can manually add values to an enum list by editing the column… But I have 1200 potential locations. Is there an efficient way to allow the user to choose between 1200 potential locations? Here’s the view when a user edits a route:

The Select Locations window is empty when it’s opened

So the search feature would make it efficient to look for locations and populate the route. I just need to populate the Select Locations window efficiently. I tried the formula and initial value boxes but that didn’t work.

I think you’d want to pull these locations from your Locations table. To do that you want to set the column type as “Ref” instead of Enum. Set the Ref Column source table as your Locations table and DO NOT turn on the “Is Part of?” property.

By default you will get a dropdown with all of the Locations listed.

That worked! :smiley: Thank you!

How do I enable multi-select options with this new dropdown? It only allows the user to select one place at a time. If I convert it to EnumList it will be ruined I think.

Ah, I used the importrange function to populate the Select Location column on Google sheets and converted the column to EnumList. So now the user can select multiple locations, but not all 1200 locations are available.

I was wondering based on the name, if you were expecting to be able to select more than one.

You CAN do this with the EnumList. When you do, you should be given the option to set the Base Type. Set this to Ref.

Now the tricky part I just learned (a bug I think). With a “Ref” base type, you need to also select the source table. BUT, this doesn’t seem to come up immediately. Even clicking “Done” to finish the column editing and re-enter doesn’t show it for me. I found that I need to Save first. Then I can re-enter the EnumList column and set the datasource in the “Base Type Details” box. See image below.

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Thank you @WillowMobileSystems!
I fixed it. In addition to what you said I had to use a select() statement in the initial values and suggested values boxes.

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I played with this a bit more. You really only need the SELECT() in the Valid_If box as shown below.

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