Columns reorder on slices of related columns


I created a slice using a related column from my main table. I created a view for this slice. When i want to choose specific columns it does not allow me to do so. I then went into the detail and inline system view it allows me to choose columns however the main view shows as per image attached. Please can you assist.

The screenshot below shows you the columns available

Thank you

The view will only allow you to choose to display columns included in the slice. Try adding the desired columns to your slice.

I agree with @Steve. However, in your description it is not clear which columns you are having trouble with. I am seeing no correlation between the first image the and the second.

In your second Image, there is only a single column chosen. That’s all that will be shown.

If your complaint is that you ARE choosing columns and they are not showing, could they be BLANK? In a Detail view BLANK columns will NOT show by default. If you do want them to show regardless, you must set the Show_IF property to an explicit “true” value. Then the column will ALWAYS be shown - even if it is BLANK.

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HI, thank you for the feedback guys.

When I created the slice i selected my main table. I then selected the virtual column that was added by the system to my main table. When you choose a column order under the UX it does not show you the columns of that table but just the virtual column.

Hope i am making sense.

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When you create a Slice and choose the source table, you then select the appropriate button to either include “All Columns” from that table or adjust a “Custom” set of columns. See image below.

If you choose “All Columns” there is nothing more you need to do column-wise. You would use a Slice this way to reduce the number of rows with the Row filter.

If you choose “Custom”, then you have the capability to adjust which columns are included (as well as filter rows). Initially ALL columns are included and then you can remove the columns you don’t need. But ONLY the columns that are left included will be made available to use in your views. So, if all you had left were the Virtual Columns, that is all you will have available to use in your view.

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Thank you. The slice was created to show the virtual column. When in the UX I select the slice. At that point I want to pick specific columns from that slice. Can I do that?

Add all of the columns you intend to display to the slice, then also add them to the UX view.

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