Combine List and Yes / No type into Valid_if

Hi, I have a dropdown list where I filtered the values with a formula in valid_if.
Example: Enum{A,B,C,D,E,F}
IF ([1.] = “Xy”; {A, B, C, D}; if ([2.] = “Zk”; {A,B,E,F}; {B, C, D,E,F}))

However, if [2.] is false I would not want to remove the value A from the list, but I would like it to give an error message when it is selected, because if A did not appear, the user would not understand what was wrong.

IF ([1.] = “Xy”; {A, B, C, D}; if ([2.] = “Zk”; {A, B, C, E, F}; IF ([_ this] = “A”; error; it’s ok)))

  • IF ([_ this] = “A”; error; it’s ok) * I know this doesn’t make sense, but it’s to explain what I want

But Appsheet doesn’t allow me to create IF formulas with different types, like List and Yes / no.
How can I do?

You can move your List-returning expression from valid_if to Suggested Values. Then enter your Y/N expression into valid_if.