Combining 2 sample apps?

Is there ANY way to combine 2 sample apps?
I’ve tried everything even writing out the specs and trying to enter them all for both apps, but some of the spec actions listed don’t come up because I guess the system’s changed since they were uploaded(/also since the last time I was familiar with the platform).

What I’m trying to do “should” be easy…but it’s def not.
I’m just trying to combine order capture and an inventory app so that I can track my T-shirt sales. I really with you could start with one sample app and open the spec and add properties etc that way…but that doesn’t appear the be the case.
I’ve spent the last week making over 10 apps and none of them ever turn out even close enough to edit.
I would’ve thought my case was pretty typical, to track item sales and inventory…but none of the sample apps are able to do both (weird)

Any suggestions or help is GREATLY appreciated, I’m losing my mind and hate that I have to relearn the whole platform now cuz there’s been so many changes :confused:

Short of manually merging them? Nope. :disappointed:

Silly question time… Are there any plans to have this become a possibility?

I personally don’t think so, thus it’s better not to wait for it.

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Oh no plans on waiting for it, just curious.

You know what kills the cat, don’t you? :rofl: :rofl: