Combining a view for data from two tabs (that is not a dashboard), OR a workaround using an action button

I have other software (not AppSheet) that pulls user registration data into google sheets, to create “user data”, and or user “job application” data.

I have a google sheet with two tabs, a Root “database” of users - tab 1, and a second tab for “Job applications” - tab 2, that references the root “database” for user data.

The the root “database” tab 1, contains data that will be fixed and edited every so often, and the"job applicant" tab 2, changes as users apply to jobs, rows gets added (example of column headings; Job Position, Unique ID, Applicant Name, Status (offer made, shortlisted, declined etc))

I have a created a slice, IN([Unique ID],JobApplicants[Unique ID) that checks to see if a user has applied to a particular job, by cross referencing a unique id in the root “database”, to the "Job Applicants"page, if they are on both, the slice view shows all the data from the root “database”, however I need a admin/employer to be able to edit a row detail in the “job applications” tab, in a enum list, or whatever mechanisms to allow for an employer to select an action like; “Shortlist”, “Make Offer”, “Decline” etc.

So I want to find out if it is possible to either ;

1.) Create an Action (ie “Make Offer”) that can be performed via the root “database” View, via a virtual column, to edit the column “Status” to “offer made” for example, in the “Job Applications” tab OR
2.) If it is possible to pull a column from another tab eg from the “Job Applications” tab 2, eg “Status” column into the root “Database” tab 1 view and directly edit it from the view, while looking at all the applicants data, so that the “Status” can be edited , from “Applied” to “Offer Made” etc for a particular user.