Combo action works from deck view but not in a workflow

I am copying rows from one spreadsheet to another through my app. Basically importing them and adding the column values as needed.

This works as an action on a view. I use it in a combined action, image #3.

This works as well. I use it in a combined action, image #3.

This is the combined action. Works perfectly from a deck view. But it won’t work when called from a Report.

My report settings.

Log Error: “Errors”: “Error: ‘Execute a Sequence of Actions’ Grouped action ‘ComboCopyDonorRequestsSetAdded’ child action ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed due to error: Error: Perform DataAction ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed because Row having key ‘8715fb8e’ in table ‘Requests’ in field ‘START_DATE’ is required to have a value. \nError: ‘Add Row’ Data action ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed with exception Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. .”,

All the rows in the copy FROM table have a value in [Date Added] which is copied to [START_DATE] so I don’t understand the error. What am I missing?

does it work if you trigger it from a workflow? Might be something along the lines of VC’s and a value not being calculated. I dont see anything that is inherently wrong. Maybe try re-arranging the action ordering in your grouped action?

I tried it from a workflow and it worked.

When I switched the order it the actions it set the value to TRUE and the date which then caused it not to find any records to copy on a Report. Running it as an action still worked. So the order has to stay that way when used on a Report.

Ok. After HOURS of work, it turns out it was a DATA problem. One cell in the spreadsheet was blank. I thought I had checked thoroughly enough for blanks but obviously I hadn’t. I fixed that cell and it ran perfectly from the report.

I also added IF(CONTEXT(“Host”)<>“Server”,[START_DATE]>=DATE([Timestamp]),TRUE)to the Start_Date valid if in the table I was adding records to. I needed to be able add records with dates older than today.

I also added a report to run before this report to fix missing dates.

Hopefully, lesson learned.

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