Coming Soon: AppSheet's Fresh New Look

Hello everyone!
Just a heads up, now that AppSheet is a part of Google Cloud we’re freshening up our UI to better fit with the Google family of products

This new “Material” look will only affect colors, fonts, and icons. It’s still the same AppSheet under the hood! Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming:


How will this change affect the UX that the actual app user will see?

Would love feedback from all of you — especially around the editor which many of us live in every day.

No change to the app UX — this is only about website and editor changes


Thanks Praveen! I like first change for “My Apps” (It looks clean), but there are a few things in the Editor that I would recommend changing.

And also, i’ve never found a use for the recommended added views that appear next to the “+” button at the top. Maybe this is just me, or maybe other users feel the same way, I don’t know. But that clutters up the screen in my opinion.

Rather than these small things, good job!

This is what I envision in my head…

  • Bold Menu Options
  • Concentrated +, search bar, link, suggestions, and 4 squares to one line
  • Changed look of “AppSheet | Business”
  • Different Icons in Emulator
  • My post at bottom (Post #42) has a fuller list


I am not a design expert by any means, but this is my feedback. Still, the changes that AppSheet are about to make are a big step forward from a design standpoint! It looks much cleaner!

This is just my opinion, others might disagree…


I AM AMPED! Loved the Google Material system! As a Graphic Designer each post I see about UX/UI for app design or the editor gets me more excited for the future of this platform. Thank you AppSheet and Google team for your constant dedication to improving your platform! :slight_smile:

Not a big fan of the New logo Icon. :frowning:
But WOW, ‘AppSheet’ sure does look good in Product Sans!


I assume this means AppSheet font list is going to include Montserrat now?

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Love it, just looking for a native dark theme to help my delicate eyes. Especially since everything in the default Material theme is even brighter than the current theme.


With any luck we’ll be able to get access to all of Google’s fonts.


Yes, this would be great!

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Exactly my thoughts/hopes. But for me if I can at least finagle Montserrat; its a win!

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Looks amazing; have always been a fan of Google’s aesthetic. Has a much more professional feel to it.

None at this point.


I agree with the add views. This is nice for new comers but gets annoying fast. We should have the ability to turn this off in account settings for All our apps.


Totally agree. I like the new UI overall, but that’s a big section of ‘front-and-center’ screen space to give up for auto-suggestions that rarely get used.

Maybe all the suggestions could be nested inside the (+) button, so that you choose to add a view first, then see suggestions.


Maybe like this…


AWESOME! I can’t wait to start using it! I think it looks great overall, and I’m really excited to see what’s next now that we’re in the Google ecosystem.

The one thing that stands out is, there’s a lot of wasted space around the emulator preview.

It would be awesome to see the sync time displayed there again! That was really helpful during development when performance testing and trying different formulas. :wink:


Yes, but I’d condense it even further, removing the entire row with the large plus button. Then just shorten the search bar row to add the (+) button there.

I think they’ve done a great job of keeping the same overall layout and applying the Material theme and Google ‘feel’. But I saw that whole section as a waste of screen space before, and it seems even worse now, with the extra padding that Material adds. I’m sure some new users find the suggestions useful, but they take up a lot of room in the first place you look and just get in the way for some users.

That was carried over from the old UI though, not part of the new update. I think the new UI is awesome. Just not a fan of the suggestions taking up so much space.



Compared to…


Dang, you’re fast! Yeah, that looks way better than all the suggestions having their own box. :smiley:


Thanks! I use google drawings and screenshots