Coming Soon: AppSheet's Fresh New Look

:ok_hand:t2:love the look well done appsheet team

Looks fantastic, great work :+1:t2: :grinning:

Yes, please!!

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Working extremely well so far. Loving the new look.

Only thing is it would be nice to have an option to enable tabbed dashboard view on tablet mode. Currently does not tab the views, only on mobile mode.


Hello everyone!
Exciting update: Today, we’ve started publicly rolling out our new Google UI to app creators. The rollout will be incremental and if everything goes as planned, it may take a week or so for everyone to start seeing the changes in the editor. Special thanks to our early beta-testers for helping us get to this point!

For those of you who are part of this early rollout, please share any feedback and/or report any potential issues you encounter in this thread.

If you experience significant issues following this rollout, please contact: and include subject line “UI Refresh”

Thanks again,


So little of a change but Thank you! Thank you! for moving the Test field function to the top

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Hi @carie,

In the expression builder the Test button is out of place.

Using: Google Chrome is up to date

Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I believe that particular problem is because of QREW Tools. @Stefan_Quartemont?


Updated Extension is currently in review by the Chrome store and should roll out in a week or so.


Open up my app, working along, everything is fine. Lemme just do a quick save & verify…*POP!* here’s the new look. I blinked and it changed. Lmao, I stared for a second, and then remembered I was expecting this. Just not like this.


Haha, same. It’s a bit blinding at first. Getting used to it now and I’m liking it. Feels…“clean”, almost too clean.


Lmao, right? I like it. But I want to invert the whole color scheme. So :+1: to the UI team, but please also do a dark mode. (I dislike the “dark mode” extensions)


Same! I was in the middle of a training session/screen share with a client. Saved the app and BOOM!- new editor!

The client got to watch me stumble around and learn the new layout lol! :joy:


But yes, compared to the old editor, there’s a lot less clutter which is disorienting in the beginning. It took me a few days to get used to it.
Most everything should still be in the same spot — we tried not to move things around.


:laughing: Same here!

As a noob, I actually discovered a few new places to go after the update. So well done to the Appsheet team!


Thanks to everyone at AppSheet involved in this improvement in the editor. My editor is looking very nice now. And thanks to @carie for telling us about it. One minor request that I would like to make is that the #editor tag be added to the post that started this thread. The “editor experience” (as opposed to the app user’s experience) is a very important aspect of the AppSheet platform and has been the subject of considerable discussion. For this reason, the #editor tag was added last year by @Peter last year:

Thanks again!

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Your baby has been googled :rofl::rofl::sob::sob:


@James_McFarlane and anyone else waiting, I have noticed QREW Tools is now updated for the new UI. So if you disabled it, it’s good to go now.

@Stefan_Quartemont Props to you and the team for the handy little moving pull arrow, so it stays out of the way of the Save button. The only thing I haven’t figured out is that Data Recovery Tool. The “What’s This?” link goes to your training website, but doesn’t mention this piece. Or, at least, I can’t find it.


Thanks for the props! I’m glad you’re enjoying the update.

TBH, the “What’s This” link is supposed go to an explainer page that I haven’t made yet :wink:

I didn’t have time to put it all together before we needed to push the updated code live.

Essentially, you can use that tool to select multiple Recovery.txt files (the kind the get created when a sync fails) and it will collate the files and return a .csv file for you that will allow you to more easily re-enter it into your data source.