Comments about this forum

(Kirk Masden) #1

I’d like to make three comments about this new forum:

  1. All in all, looks quite good. I’m looking forward to using it. I’m sure a lot of hard work went into making it. Thanks!
  2. Photos and videos from the old forum do not seem to have migrated. Perhaps that’s unavoidable but a bit of a shame. The images can be key to understanding what the post was about.
  3. I wonder if the sign for “like” might be changed from :heart: to :+1: or something. I can’t bring myself to LOVE comments that I would still like to give a thumbs up sign to.
(Steve Coile) #2

I, too, would prefer a thumbs-up icon.

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(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

Hey @Kirk_Masden, thanks for the feedback, glad to see you here.

Unfortunately there were some limitations with what all could be migrated from the G+ Community, but there may still be opportunity to migrate some additional content (most likely for the ‘feature requests’).

If you have any other thoughts/feedback, let me know! We’ll try to keep adjusting things as we go to make sure it’s as useful/simple as possible.

(Kirk Masden) #4

Thanks Peter! Any thoughts about the heart vs. thumbs up point?

(Kirk Masden) #5

I hope it will become possible to upload videos to this forum. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to show what happens in a particular situation – not just a still image of the result.