Common Data so filled in Form A should Auto-Fill when completing Form B (where Forms A & B are interlinked via a Virtual Column)

I have an inspections app that I’m trying to make. I don’t have prior appsheet experience.

The idea of the app is that Requestors should be issuing requests and inspectors go ahead and inspect units, and then add their responses.

For doing the same, I’ve added my data on a google sheet.
I have 6 Sheets on Google Spreadsheets; 2 are the Requests Issued and Inspector Responses Forms, and 4 are Master Data sheets which have all the Data and have been set to read only tables when they were added to appsheet (Job Master, ITP Master, Requestor Master and Inspector Master).

The 2 forms are inter-linked via a virtual column using the formula “REF_ROWS(“Inspector Responses”, “Request ID”)”
Its type is selected as List and its Ref is set as the Inspection Requests Table/Form

I dont know how to auto fill data in the second form once a request is issued. I tried ref data from Requestor Form Table but it either gives me wrong values or nothing at all.

I have Common Columns of Request ID, Job Number and ITP Number in both the forms. The requestor opens a request form, there is a UNIQUEID() which is the Request ID that is already filled. He then selects the Job and ITP Numbers which are inter-dependent on one another.

A Job Number has multiple ITP’s within it and hence I used a valid if expression - “ITP Master[Job Number]”. Similarly for ITP Number, I used the valid if expression “ITP Master[ITP Number]”

Once the Requestor selects the Job & ITP Numbers, and his comments, he clicks on save and his request is issued.

After inspection, the Inspector shouldn’t have to re-fill the Job and ITP Numbers that were filled by the requestor in the first form. Please help me with how I can interlink or auto-import data from the Request Form to the inspector form.


Hello @Saif_Jawed, welcome to the community.

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To answer y our question, since you’re already connecting tables using references… check out de-references - they allow you to pull data THROUGH a reference.

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