Communication between tables

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Dear Community:
I will appreciate your help with the next issue.
I have two tables: Table 1 and Table 2. Table 2 is marked as “is a part of” Table 1.
Table 1 has a field that is calculated by adding records from the table table 2. I am using an app formula to calculate this sum. I would not want to use a spreadsheet formula for performance reason because there are tens of thousands of records. There is some way to update table 1 when a change is made in table 2 and the table 1 calculate the correct sum after the edit.

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Provided you are using delayed sync, I can propose a workaround:
In the child record table, create an action with Data: go to another view in the app and use this expression:

LINKTOVIEW("TheViewNameYouWantToShowAfterFormSaved") & "&at=" & (NOW() + 1)

and use this action as a Form Saved event of the form. This will force a sync when the form is saved and your appformulas will be re-calculated.

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Thank you very much for your answer Levent!
I tried your solution but it works sometimes and sometimes don’t.
Do you have any idea why it works well only sometimes?