Como agregar el nombre automáticamente

Hello, I hope you can support me with the following question:

I have a ux as a student record and I did a behavior so that from this ux it is transferred to the technical sheet ux in which I want to enter data such as weight, height, etc.

The problem I have is that when the ux is called from the behavior it does not automatically give me the name of the record from which it calls ux datasheet.

What can I do to achieve it?


Hello @lefarole
You might check out references, they allow you to connect data across your sheets in a structured way.

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Thanks in advance for your help…

The relationship between tables and bringing information from one table to another I have already achieved it before, What I need is the following and I hope I can explain myself as well as possible:

In the Student registration table I have created a behavior to access a table called technical sheet, it works correctly, which I have not been able to achieve when I click on the behavior in Mick’s register, it is automatic that Mick’s name is the student registration table appears in the technical file format so that you do not have to choose the name manually.

I am attaching a video in which when I click on a specific record, it directs me to the data sheet table and I need to choose the id to continue with the data record. What I want is to save myself that step and for the name to be loaded and recorded in the new record to be made in the data sheet table.


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Hola Gerardo,

Tal vez lo que te sirva es usar la expresión LINKTOFORM() que te permitirá pasarle al nuevo registro todos los datos que desees del estudiante.

Para esto asegurate que el ACTION este configurado como App: go to Anther view within this app

También te recomiendo que tengas una vista creada del tipo FORM que apunte a tu tabla TECHNICAL, ésta te servira para usarla dentro de la expresion LINKTOFORM que te comenté.


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Muchas gracias Fernando, lo intentaré.