Company Policy Is Blocking Access

I have multiple apps created for my company, but today when I went to sign in I get the error attached. “You need Access” Your Company Policy is Blocking Access. And I can’t see or get to any of the apps I created.

However it seems other users in my domain have access to their own apps. And have the ability to use mine as well.

What exactly could be going on here? Did my company block me or something? Can I retrieve my apps somehow.

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Hi, its not your company, i have the same problem. People from google and appsheet are looking into the issue, nonetheless you might want to contact google support througt your it admin and apsheet support.

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Well that is reassuring I guess. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Please contact for help with this.

Have you managed to resolve this? Because it is happening as of this morning! Desperately need help.

Please contact for help with this.

Same here - I have contacted Support and waiting for response.

Same also here

We are experiencing the same problem.


Philip & others - please follow any specific instructions from any open support tickets, but it also may be helpful to reference this article on how to control access via your Workspace account (if you don’t see these controls yet, it should be visible within the next 24hrs).

There are certain conditions where access to AppSheet has been blocked by default based on your Workspace account settings/type and needs to be re-enabled from your Workspace account - (some EDU accounts are a common example).

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