Compare app definitions. Ive asked this ques...

(Lauro de Freitas) #1

Compare app definitions.

Ive asked this question a couple of times before - I dont know if AppSheet has made this functionality available or not?

Is there a way to compare the app definitions of two apps? The reason Im asking is that I have apps that are copies of one another - one for testing, the others “live”. But there is a subtle difference in the behaviour between the two apps where a field is not getting updated in one of them and I cant figure out why.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Lauro_de_Freitas Hi Lauro, I’m afraid there is no built-in tool to compare apps at the moment so you’ll need to compare your apps manually. You can either compare the apps component by component, or you can compare how the apps behave and response to the same user inputs.