Compare app definitions / Raw access to app definitions

Appsheet have considered offering an automatic testing service (Manage from the menu) but that service has been cogitated for quite some time. In the meantime, can Appsheet AT LEAST provide developers / creators raw access to the app definitions??? In text format. So it would at least give us the ability to compare versions, between one that is working and a version that isnt working.

Then Appsheet can go back to working out how much they want to charge for the testing service if it ever materialises

‘Info’ > ‘Properties’ > ‘App Documentation’

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It would be nice to be able to easily diff the documentation of two versions of an app to easily see what’s changed.


I think if you copy/paste all the text into a Google Doc and save, then overwrite it with the 2nd app version, you can use the version history to compare changes.

If you do both as a copy/paste and don’t make any other changes, the version history viewer should highlight the differences.

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Yeah, that doesn’t meet my definition of “easily”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wish the definition was readable via the API. Or even better, updatable!

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I figured out how to trim a few steps. You can quickly copy the app definition for different versions by appending the URL with &version=VERSION_NUMBER. No need to load each version separately in the editor.

You can copy/paste the entire page into this tool to compare and find differences:

Just open the first version and copy everything (Ctrl/Cmd+A, CtrlCmd+C),
then paste into
Then change the version number and repeat, and run the diff report.


@GreenFlux this is a very helpful finding! Thank you!