Compare Text with List

I am so confused I have read about IF() IN() INDEX() SORT() and thought I had this figured out but I am completely stuck.

I am trying to compare the text of Project Contacts[Name] to the list of Contacts[Full Name]. If the [Name] matches the [Full Name] then I need to copy the Contacts[ID] into Opportunities[ID]. I have setup a bot to do this but where I am is lost is shown in the image below. Some of the formulas I have tried are below but they all give me erroe “Cannot compare Text with List in ([Name] = Contacts[Full name])”

Any help is much appreciated!

(Project Contacts[Name], Contacts[Full Name]

Contacts[Full Name], TRUE),1)
(Project Contacts[Name]

INDEX(Project Contacts[Name], Contacts[Full Name],IF([Name]=CONTACTS[FULL NAME],CONTACTS[ID],UNIQUEID()))

Please check out these SELECT and LOOKUP help docs, I’m betting these are actually what you’re looking for.

Also review this thread:

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