Comparing Text

How to compare respecting uppercases and lowercases?

when I compare: “Hola” = “hoLa” the result is TRUE.

This is the expression:

The comparation result is TRUE

Is this behaviour correct? I guess it worked different, respecting the upper and lower cases

How to compare respecting uppercases and lowercases?

Hi @Fernando_Lopez,
one possible Workaround would be to encode the letters into Numbers like:
The letters “ABab” would give 012627.
The letters “AbaB” would give 027261.
The compare result will be FALSE.

For sure - you will have a very long expression, because you have to SUBSTITUTE() every letter. For example: A-Z substitute with 0-25 and a-z substitute with 26-51.

Instead of “ABab” you can put your column name [Texto1] and in the compare expression [Texto2].

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One way is FIND([Text1],[Text2])=1 because FIND expression is case sensitive. For example…
FIND(“Hola”,“HolA”)=0 where as FIND(“Hola”,“Hola”)=1


Thank you @Aleksi

So, comparing in appsheet plataform is NO case sensitive, Isn’t it?

In generally yes… but for example FIND is case sensitive.


Hi @Aleksi,
Using FIND () is a nice workaround.

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks!

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@Aleksi You always know an easier way. :wink: Thank you!

You’re welcome, happy to help.

Tahnk you all guys !!!

Just found this answer. Thank you so much (it’s my very first problem here).