Comparing the value with another column (e.g., [_THIS] > [ColumnA])


I am facing an error to compare two fields. One filed is “Quantity” number data type and other filed “Current Stock” (Virtual Column) is list type taken from other table using select().

I want to show error message when the Quantity(Number data type) is greater than or equal to Current Stock(List type).

I tried many ways and showing the error like cannot compare number type with list type and arithmetic error. Please help in this regards. Thanks in Advance

If your “Current Stock” column has list of text type you could try expression something like

[Quantity]>=COUNT([Current Stock])

If the Current Stock is list of numbers , you could try an expression something like

[Quantity]>= SUM([Current Stock])

Comparison operators need to be as per your requirement.

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Hi Thank you for the quick reply. It is working when I gave the SUM(Select()) instead of Current Stock.

When I give like [Quantity]>= SUM([Current Stock]) this, its showing The ‘SUM’ function requires a list of numeric inputs

Its working very well. thank you…

Good to know it works the way you want.

I believe for this error you could try to ensure that the the list column [Current Stock] is of Number type with following setting.

Reference article

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You were correct. I changed the format and its working very well thank you for the quick support.

One more quick question. Can we add more than two categories to one product.
For example we have more than one suppliers for each products. So now its showing waring sign in the supplier section if I added multiple supplier name through sheet. Any solutions for this?please

Could you please add more details about the latest requirement as to what is exactly your table structure.

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I have two tables One for products and other for Suppliers. Both connected with Suppliers ID. My question is how can I select multiple suppliers when I add one product to the table as there is more than one suppliers

Hi ,

I am afraid, I have no specific suggestion here. I believe it will need more understanding of your app structure, so that any suggestion is useful in the long run.

Someone else may in the community may have better guidance for you in this regard.

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Thank you for the support. Can we use Enumlist with multi select option ?