Comparing values

Hello, could you help me with the following question?

In my application, the user will enter a value. Based on this value, it will be checked if the value is between the minimum and the maximum pre-established. If it is between min and max, the value will receive a status of Y at the end, if it is a number less than min or greater than max, its result will be N. But in some cases, the minimum pre-established value is negative. When min is negative, any value entered, including those that technically will be outside the established MIN and MAX standard, is evaluated as Y.

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Hi, I already use an IF expression in my app

IF (AND ([value_1]> = [min], [result_1] <= [max]), “Y”,
IF (AND ([value_2]> = [min], [value_2] <= [max]), “Y”, “N”))

But how am I going to use this negative value issue? If any positive number is it, will it always be greater than it

IFS(), not IF().

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Does not work. Would you have any examples to show me? I did the expression using IFS but it didn’t solve my problem

Please post a screenshot of the expression you tried.

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The doc posted above has several examples. Perhaps you should look at it.

You have 3 cases as shown above. You’ll have to check the last case first as it can override the logic for the other 2.

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Read the posted help article.

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I used this and made the substitutions, it still doesn’t work

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Where did you use it?

initial value

Was there another attempt at the expression since the last one you posted?

Yes, I made another attempt but it didn’t work. No matter what value I enter in the result, it always returns me as Y.

That was my last attempt.

([value_1] < [min]),
([value_1] >= [min]),
([value_1] > [max]),
([value_1] <= [max]),
([value_2] < [min]),
([value_2] >= [min]),
([value_2] > [max]),
([value_2] <= [max]),

Good. Now re-incorporate the AND() expressions similar to how you had originally done. Remember you just have 3 conditions to check against, so you should only have 3 condition-value pairs in the IFS().