Complain for poor customer service - Really FRUSTRATING

It’s been over a week since I started inquiring for pricing plans for educational/non profit apps. Representatives have started the conversation and just disappear after that. If it would take me a month to learn about your pricing I would be better off somewhere else since I have mentioned this app is urgently needed by the organization and is under a pressing deadline for testing. Really poor service from your side, AppSheet.

Hi, There was a response from @JCadence to you on your other similar post.

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Yes. That conversation too fell through.

Hi @badm,

Thank you for the follow up post. I just sent an additional comment in email, but if you’re wanting to prototype applications, you already have access to do that with the free plan. Anyone can prototype an application free of charge to develop a proof of concept. From there you can follow the instructions provided in one of the previous support emails to determine pricing.


I might be missing something. What are instructions are you referring to. I have a fully developed prototype and would like the education pricing

Are you still unable to reach me?

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