Complaint: The new table picker is... how shall I say

The process for adding tables to an app is… really more work now than it needs to be.

Even if I have other tables inside the same sheet that I’ve yet to add to the app… it’s still making me go through the whole process from the start.

  1. Select what data source you’d like to use
  2. Find the file you’d like to use (hopefully you remember where you stored it!)
  3. Then I can get to the dropdown to add the next table.

It’s number 2 that can really cause a slow down; having to go back to your data source, re-find the file again, then go back and find the file through the AppSheet dialogue.

My question: why do I have to go through that whole process again just to add another table from the same file?


Yes I agree I thought at first this was a bug. I prefer before when I can just select more sheets from the same file. I find myself using the suggestions most of the time now as a replacement.


Agreed; until you delete the table, then the suggestion never comes back and you have to go through the whole process again.

It’d be nice if there was perhaps a separate button… :man_shrugging:


Did anyone else get this?

New to me

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Yes, I saw this alert few times.

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