Here is a brief description of my APPS use.
This app will be used to intake requests for student volunteers. Some of our requests are one time occurrences and others are reoccurring. In the spreadsheet, I have a formula that automatically replicates data from an intake form dependent on the number of occurrences for each request. For example, if a user states that their request will reoccur 16 times, the data from the initial row is copied into the next 15 rows on a table I have “Scheduling.”

=sort(arrayformula(vlookup(transpose(split(query(rept(row(Intakes!A2:R)& " “, Intakes!K2:K),9^9),” ")),arrayformula({row(Intakes!A2:R),{Intakes!A2:R}}),{2,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19,18,4,5,6,7},0)),1,True)

This table is constantly being updated and added to as I do my work coordinating students schedules. One of the features I am trying to create here is giving me problems and I am hoping for a little guidance.I am attempting to replicate the process in this sample app:

I have an action button on my app that I click to send a “Dispatch Email” out to a group of students. The button appears on a scheduling detail table in the UX and successfully takes me to a form where I can select student names from an enumlist. Once the button is pressed and the student(s) selected, information from the row in scheduling is supposed to be copied into a new table called “Dispatch Email” where there is a workflow that triggers the email being sent to the selected students.

It appears that the row data is not being added to Dispatch Email (table) properly. When I check the spreadsheet, I see “Computed_Value”. I read this article about another user receiving a “Computed_Value” return, but am not sure how to go about resolving the issue. I suspect that Appsheet is not recognizing the formula posted above that replicates row data.

I appreciate any guidance or feedback.

Thank you,