_ComputedName should have a default display name of "Name" or "Full Name"

When the system detects different fields for First and Last name, a Virtual Column is automatically created that concatenates the two togther.

Could this automatically created field have a default Display Name of “Name” (or something like that) - that way when we want to use the column inside a table or something, we won’t see the _ComputedName field name automatically.

As always, thanks for considering.

Agreed! And the same concept should be applied to _ComputedAddress.

FYI, You can update the column name from “_ComputedName” to “Full Name” and it will stick…until you have to regenerate. Then you will get a second virtual column of “_ComputedName” but can simply delete it. In case it helps. Does not negate the need for a more robust permanent solution!!!

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I would vote for this, but I’ve reached my limit.

(One of the problems with the Feature Request section of this community right now; too many lingering requests that are never dealt with and just left out there. It would be nice for things to be cleaned up every once and awhile.)


Dont worry, my friend, i just did it.

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