Concatenate a ChangeTimestamp Type Colum

Hey there!.

I have an app that works as a Stopwatch,

That means that when you press “Inicio” (Start) it takes the actual time and the same process when you press “Fin” (Finish) And I save the rest between those values and there I have the duration between those buttons.

But… My problem is that I want to create every single value as a row in my app, very much like as a stopwatch of a cellphone,

But… Here it takes some time between I to click “Save” and it reopens the form.

So What I’m planning to do is enumList all those records that I would create using “ChangeStamp” and Added to that “Enumlist” and after that, create multiples Child records using the information in this post.

I wouldn’t think you need a form at all/. It seems instead you could load a Detail view that has the buttons for Start, Lap and Stop (or whatever names you need) and a child table that displays the durations intervals. When you tap Start, a row is added and flagged with the starting time. Tapping the Lap button adds a row with the duration since start. and of course tapping Stop adds a row with the Stop time.

Displaying the data in this manner and using actions that run on the device should result in a view that updates quickly.

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