Concatenate from List

So you can “SPLIT()” a structured text based list. Can you “CONCATENATE()” from a list?

I want to display values in a single virtual text field from a “SELECT()” list of values. Can I aggregate values from a list into a single test field?


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Cool, thanks. I was looking for some type of delimiter selection on the concatenate side to make it work, but I guess it is unnecessary. Should’ve just tried it. Thanks anyway.

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I am looking for exactly this function to convert multiple items from a different table into displaying in a virtual text column.

However, appsheet seems to only convert one random value from the list:

Ideally I would like to convert all values, delimited by “,”. Is there a way to do this?

It works when I use this expression in the formula:

CONCATENATE(SELECT(ServicetoTech[TechID], [_THISROW].[ServiceID]=[ServiceID]))

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Hello @VBBA , that is because VLOOKUP() only returns a single value given the search criteria, while SELECT() would pull a filtered list, which is then concatenated.