Hi. I have a Product_Master Table with columns [Product Code] and [Product Description]. Is there a version of the CONCATENATE() expression that I can use in the [Product Code] Column that will display both the [Product Code] and the [Product Description], something like
SELECT(Product Master[Product Code],TRUE,TRUE),
SELECT([Product Master[Product Description],TRUE,TRUE))

I am getting a data validation error with the above expression so that can’t be correct but if there was a way of achieving this it would be great.

Thank you.


In a Virtual Column you can simply concatenate the info if your intention is not otherwise:
[Product Code]&"-"&[Product Description]

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Hi @LeventK

Thank you for that. My intention is that the field would be a drop down list of values from the [Product Code] column combined with each code’s Product Description in that same drop down. Am I correct in thinking I would need to add an additional column that I could use to insert the CONCATENATE() expression?

Hope that makes sense.

Correct, you will either need a helper column for that or make a small helper table with the product code, description and that VC, make the VC as label of this helper table and then create ref from your [Product Code] column to this helper table. Users will see the code and the description in the dropdown but the key column (presumably that product code) will be recorded to your back-end.

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Thank you so much @LeventK. I will test that out.

You’re welcome bud, my pleasure.