Concatenate unique id

so I had a working concatenate unique id.

today I go on and now get a error message.
Expressions in schema ‘MASTER LOG_Schema’ have a circular definition. Check app formulas and initial values for column ‘ID’

the formula is working, so I’m lost why all of the sudden i have this message.

CONCATENATE([STOCK #],[VIN #],LEFT([First Name], 2) & LEFT([Last Name], 2))

Roger, did you figure this issue out? I just ran into the same issue today and don’t know what happened.

@Roger_Dalomba, @Jason_Measures:

A circular definition means the an expression in one column references another column which itself references the first column. Imagine if the expression for column A was [column B] and the expression for column was [column A]. It won’t work.

what I don’t understand…It’s been working for a while now.
and it just stops working??? doesn’t make sense

none of those column reference my ID

Please contact for further help. Somebody there will be able to look at your app configuration to find out what’s going on.