Concatenate with Zero


I am attempting to make a formula with concatenate that only includes a zero sometimes. I have been trying to practice and look at examples but I cant seem to get it right.

For example, this is my Virtual Column formula;

CONCATENATE([Show], " - ","s","0",[Season],"e","0",[Episode])

         Output - Example 1:

                          Testing - s010e01 

        Output - Example 2:

                         Testing - s010e012

The problem I am running into is that it shows additional zeros when I hit ten and over for the [Season] or [Episode].

I would like it to display like this;

    Example 1:
          Test - s10e01

    Example 2:

         Test - s10e10

Hopefully that makes sense, I appreciate the help.

Replace the “0” with:
IFS([episode] < 10 , “0”)


Was typing essentially the same thing then saw you were replying and stopped! haha Thats your solution! ^

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I was making it so much more complicated. Thank you both!

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