Condition formula

I am creating a report but struggling with the formula.

There are two tables

  1. Tenancy
  2. Rent Due

I want to update the rent due table based on the Tenancy.

In the Tenancy table there is a column known as End_Date and I want to update the Rent due table on every 1st of each month so it shows me which property rent is due for that month ( I already have a view about this)

However the issue I am struggling to write the formula in condition field in report which would give me this result .

I appreciate your help


Please describe your data structure further, including how these two tables are related.

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Please see below tenant table

Please see below Rent Receipt table

Hi @Landlord_Buddy
Maybe this from @Steve will help

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Hello Lynn

Many thnks for your reply, I would appreciate if you can help me the specific formula.

Unfortunately I have spent some time on it but am struggling so your help will be appreciated



Do you intend to create new Rent Receipt records at the beginning or end of each month, for every applicable Property? Is the goal of the Report to automatically generate those records?

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Many thanks for your email.

My intension is to create a Rent Receipt record at the Beginning of each month.

Is the goal of the Report to automatically generate those records Ans Yes