Condition of Slice using Row Filter condition

I have this Row filter condition

  LIST([1.Condition of Vehicle Scanning Equipment],
 [2. Proper number of MIG welders given building size? Condition of MIG welder(s)], 
[3. Condition of pulse welder(s)], 
[4. Condition of spot welder(s)],
[5. Condition of plastic welder(s)],
[6. Condition of measuring system],
[7. Condition of frame rack],
[8. Are proper frame rack accessories (clamps, hooks, chains) available?],
[9.Condition of AC Machine(s)],
[10. Condition of Lifts],
[11. Condition of Compressor],
[12. Equipment other],
[13. Does shop have sufficient electrical power drops?],
[14. Overall condition of paint booth(s)],
[15. Condition of mixing room],
[16. Are our company Iawata spray guns available? Condition of spray guns],
[17. Overall condition of building regarding maintenance],
[18. Overall condition of building regarding housekeeping]

  - {"Yellow", "Green"," ",}

The filter works but not showing all rows in preview or edit mode.
It only show rows up to and including 10. Conditions of Lifts.

Each question has the question then an image and then notes.

Has this got a limit of 10 filters?

The filter view I want is only show the reds condition.

Can someone help or should I put a help-desk ticket


I edited your port to better format your expression to make it clearer.

What are preview and edit mode?

The emulator in the edit site.
All works.


On this same app I want to run a weekly report only showing the Red conditions which are showing in the slice.
How would i do this on the report template?

Ignore the last email. I figure it out, for once :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help, this community is great to support this product.