Condition to show the view

Hi, can you, please advise me how to create the expression to show the view only if the column LocationTypeID = 15 in the table Opportunities? Thank you

Does LocationTypeID = 15 relate to any one row or all rows in the Opportunities table? Or do you want a table which just shows records where LocationTypeID = 15?

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Hello Simon, thank you for your reaction. I need a table which shows only those records where LocationTypeId = 15

So you need to crete a Slice (Date → Slices) with the source table as Opportunities and the Row Filter Condition as [LocationTypeId]=15. Name it something like Opportunities[LocationTypeId]=15

The go into UX and create a new Table view and choose the above slice in For This Data

hope this helps :slight_smile:


For reference:

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Thank you very much Simon, this helps.


This helps Steve, thank you!

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