Conditional Columns


I am wondering if there is a workflow that would be helpful in the following scenario:

If I have a list of options and I select one, by selecting that option another column opens up to give a description of that option. For example

A - You can use item 1
B - You can use item 2
C - You can use item 1 or 2
D - You can use Item 3
E - No items may be used

So if I select A, then I would like to see the description of A in a separate field below it. Would I use a reference table for this?

Not necessarily reference table, but just expression will solve.

First now you have column with option (Should be Enum type), lets say you have {A, B, C, D, E} as list of options. Lets also name this field as [Option]. Leave the initial value as null, nothing is selected by default.

Then you create another fields [Description].
For this field, we put showif constrain with expression. isnotblank([Option]). By doing this constrain, the column is hidden by default, but when the user select option out of list, then the field become visible.

Then for this column put app formula, either ifs expression or switch.

[Option]=“A”, “You can user item 1”,
[Option]=“B”, “You can user item 2”,
[Option]=“C”, “You can user item 1 or 2”,
[Option]=“D”, “You can user item 3”,
[Option]=“E”, “No items may be used”,

Try this out.


Does the description field in the back end need to be populated with the text strings…I use google sheets.

It is completely upto you and your requirement. If you need to capture [Description] as physical data saved in your data source, then yes you need to create the physical fields.
If not, you can just create descpription filed as Virtual column.