Conditional Display name for save

I am trying to condition the display name of the system save button,

  1. When the value of the [Unidad de negocio] column of the (User settings) section is empty, call “Iniciar Sesión”,
  2. When it is not empty, call “Cerrar sesión”,
  3. When you are in the remember password view it is called “Enviar”,
  4. When none of the 3 above conditions are met, it is called “Guardar”.

I have tried several formulas but I have not been able to meet the 3 initial conditions without affecting the fourth


It sounds like you’re wanting to add a “default condition” to your IFS() expression, where it returns the value “Guardar” if none of the previous conditions are met. Do that with this general model:

    condition1 , value1,
    condition2 , value2,
    condition3 , value3,
    TRUE , defaultValue
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I already tried

but only conditions 1 and 2 work, but when I enter the “Recordar contraseña” view, condition 2 appears and condition 3 should appear

The usersettings field will always be either blank or not-blank, so that IFS() will always return either the 1st or 2nd case, and will never reach the 3rd or 4th. You’ll have to re-think your logic here, you haven’t described your conditions thoroughly enough.