Conditional Format based on Last Added Value

Hello, I need to create a format that checks wether the last value of a given entry is TRUE.

Data is organized in this way:
REGISTERS contains entries for all the EQUIPMENTS (which are also listed on a separate table).
One of these criteria is wether EQUIPMENT was registered operative (TRUE/FALSE).

I have a format that works for every register individually, but doesn´t work for the agregate value.

How can I apply the format in the menu tab, so that when I want to select any given EQUIPMENT, it applies the color of the last register written for it?


Hi @Franco_Moltedo
I do not understand your question. Could you please post the format rule you are using and explain how you want it to work thanks.

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Entries in the main menu and the navigation bar along the bottom cannot be formatted.


Point was to check wether an equipment is on-line or offline based on its last revision.
I created a column on the database that checks for the last recorded status and applied a format to its corresponding equipment. Seems to work fine for now.

If you could share any tips on checking last added value for a given item in a more efficient way, I’d be very grateful.

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