Conditional format icons based on unique values

I’ve got a map view with 150+ icons over 30 states. Is there any way to conditionally format the icon’s color by state automatically? I mean without having to create 50 format rules? I don’t really care about the colors, can be random or repeating as long as they are different from state to state.

unfortunately, not at this moment.

You need to assign 50 differnt colors for all the different states in US by creating 50 different format rule at this moment.


Thanks for the confirmation even though it’s not what I wanted to hear. :frowning:

Just thinking out loud here…what about a Switch function to change the color based on the value?..i’m not solid on Switch function so I’m probably way off.

Thanks again!

For formating rule settings, not able to use expression, so it is not workable.


If you kept the color value in the records themselves, you could reduce your format rules down to the same amount as the number of colors. You should only need 5 or so colors to paint the entire US without adjacent states having the same colors.


Now you have my attention.

If you kept the color value in the records themselves,

How would I go about doing this?

Add a color column to your table.

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