Conditional Formatting doesn't work as expected!


I want to apply formatting by condition but it doesn’t work as expected or I miss something.

When I test the formula, expression results are just right but it doesn’t apply right formatting it applies like all conditions are TRUE.

Thanks for help.

Are you trying to apply Formatting rule?

Please screen shoot the formatting rule and what is your expectation to make it work?


Thank you for your response, here is the screenshot.

Delete the IF.

There is no if statement in the formula. it is the name of the formatting rule.

The column values appear to be grayed-out. Or do you mean the column headers?

Yes all columns values are grayed out, but for some products I have stocks and don’t want them to be grayed out.

Oh shoot. I’m dumb and didn’t even notice that was the name field.

Have you made sure to Save all the changes?

Yes, it did’t change. I deleted the “0” values from my spreadsheet and tried ISBLANK formula but did’t succeed. I tested both formula, results were given true “y/n” but it applied formatting wrong to all.

For giggles, flip the expression so the 0 is first and try that.

As @Bahbus noted, make sure all of you changes are saved. Format rules often don’t work properly until saved in the app editor.

What other format rules do you have?

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I see, and i have exprienced with my other apps before… Here is the screenshot below that shows other format rules already disabled yet it didn’t work.

Looks like a bug to me, then. Please email for further assistance.

Ok, merci

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