Conditional Updates When Saving from a form

I am new to AppSheet. I used Microsoft PowerApps before this. Is there a way to only save information to the sheet based off of another field in the form?

For Example.
If someone saves the form with out adding notes, I do not want to update the ticket updated field date.

Try creating and setting a column as a ChangeTimestamp column. But one which only monitors the [Notes] column. so it will only timestamp if notes is changed.


In the each column make it a required in validif() then he has to update the details in the form that should work

Make the fields required that is available in the validif

That is a decent idea, but I want to avoid bad data and that’s usually what you get when you require fields. I ended up writing a script for it. It’s much easier in powerapps.

If you want only your users to raise tickets or fill the form

Set up a registration form ask them to register and set reference to that registration sheet then you have control over data like who is updating