Conditional view

Hi everyone,
I need to create a view that appears as notice in the first days of the month (Payment reminder)
I created a detail view with the reminder, and put a Show if condition on it:


Options I tried:

  1. Configure it as Starting view, but it only appears when you start a session, and in general the session is never closed, so it would never be seen.
  2. Configure it as the Finish View of the forms, hoping that when the condition is not met, it will show the automatic view, but no, it continues to show the payment reminder view even if the condition is false.

Any other ideas on how to make a reminder?

Please try below

Please create an event action on all the form saves. The action type is LINKTOVIEW()

Please make the action app link Target expression as

IF(DAY(TODAY())<=8,LINKTOVIEW(“Payment Reminder View”), LINKTOVIEW(“Some Other View In the App”))

Till 8th day of every month the action will navigate to the “Payment Reminder View” on form save events. Thereafter on rest of the days of every month, the action will navigate to some other suitable view that you may wish to have depending on your app configuration.


Excellent!! Thank you so much!!