Conditionally enable save button in form view

Can you please add a feature where control to display save button can be achieved conditionally

While you can’t natively control the save button

  • you can definitely prevent someone from saving the form.

You can put validation conditions on columns visible inside the form, and if those conditions aren’t met then they can’t save.

One thing I’ll typically do is create some sort of LongText column, where I create an IFS() statement that checks for certain criteria; if that criteria is met, I’ll write out a warning or help message to the user.

App Formula:

  [Project_Status] = "Onoing",
"Check that the status is correct"

Then I’ll put a valid if formula on that virtual column, requiring that it be blank:


This, in turn, prevents the user from saving the form while that message is visible.


Hello, could you indicate where I should put this expression to? Or an visual for us?

@AndyChen this would live inside a new virtual column, with that validation formula applied to the new virtual column’s “valid if” formula space.

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