Conditionally showing a FORM

Looking for a direction please.
Is there a way to show a specific form to be completed based on the number of previous forms already completed.
For example, I only wish to complete a certain form once a different form has been completed 4 times.
The Scenario: I have a plant inspection that requires an ‘A’ service for 4 times and then a ‘B’ Service on the 5th inspection. I need the User to only see the ‘B’ service every 5th inspection.
I can’t relate it to a time frame or day of week as the inspections are based on the number of uses. The machine could be used only once a week or 5 days a week.

My thoughts so far are:

  1. Have one continuous Form for the 5 services and have a column count the number of previous ‘A’ services, and in the Form have a SHOW_IF expression for the 5th service.
  2. Not sure of a way to Display a Form menu if it’s the 5th service as the Display->Show if is not able to use columns in the expression.
  3. Some Action with LINKTOFORM but that will need User input to select the correct Form (I think)

Any guidance/direction would be appreciated. Thank you

How would the user get to any of these forms? I can imagine there might be a way to hook into that process to choose the form the user sees.

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I believe the most appropriate way it to a have some kinda inspection or services menu (a Deck View) where you can choose to show/hide certain Services Menu Item with a basic COUNT(…) expression. Provided you have a table for your plants and this Plant table have a [Related Services] inline view, than counting might be very easy. May be something like this?

Hi Steve, the intent is to have the user not determine themselves that the next service is a B service. The app needs to do this automatically. If appsheet is not able, I will probably go down the path of a Deck View and have the user select the B service Form to complete using a LINKTOFORM.

Thanks Lavent, I’ll have a play around with the idea.
Many Tx for response.

You’re welcome @Craig_Clancy1. Provided you test my solution, I believe that was what you were asking. I have already have 3 sample records from Services A type inspection. If you record one more and then try to record an additional one, the service type will automatically change.

That’s a good idea with the Show pages.Ill explore that.