Conditionally showing an action only in a specific view


Inventory (deck-style full inventory list)
Shrinkage list (table-style list of all items eliminated from inventory)
Shrinkage (dashboard-style view that shows the inventory and shrinkage list views together)

“shrink” (action that appears inline in the inventory and inventory_detail view, taking the user to a form view)

I want this shrinkage button to appear in the Inventory list, ONLY when that inventory list is being viewed inside the shrinkage dashboard, not when being viewed by itself.

Is there a conditional formula that tells the action to appear in the inventory list only when viewed through another view that references it?

As best as I’ve been able to determine, the action can only see the view it’s immediately in; it cannot determine that it’s in a dashboard.

Im trying to do as you describe here

I want the action to show on the Table in deck view but not in ex. Table_Detail

Hi Uffe,

To stop the action from showing in the detail view, set its ‘prominence’ to ‘Do not display’:

Then, to have the action show in the deck view, specify it directly in the UX deck view actions:

Another option you might try is setting the actions behaviour to not work when the ViewType is Detail:

Edit: the screenshot has the incorrect formula, it should be:

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GREAT… Exactly what i was looking for… Thanks a million

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