Conection mariadb

Hi all,

I am doing tests with my mariadb databases. I have already created my DB in AWS RDS and with HeidiSQL I created two test tables. When I try to connect the cpn appsheet database, I receive the following error.

then add the ip addresses to the rules of entry from the RDS


although I don’t know the last number after “/” which means I put 32 to all ip. otherwise I could not save the ip

Can anyone tell me what could be happening?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might refer to the article below. Maybe it has a clue to help?

already did :frowning_face:

That’s fine.

Is SSL configured on your end?

It’s the first db I believe in mariadb, how could I know this?

I don’t know; I have no experience with RDS. But you’ve told AppSheet to use SSL:


So your DB needs to use it as well.

You should probably engage directly for help with this.

thanks @Steve