Config show view if text in another view

how do i set condition to show view only if text in another view equal to x?

Are you trying to lookup for a specific text value in a particular column in a particular table to show/hide a particular view?

How do i lookup to another view?

You can’t I’m afraid, there is no such feature. However, you can choose to show/hide a certain view as per the latest record in a table for example, provided that’s your intention.

I think that i am not explain my self correctly… i try config condition that show view only if in specific row in specific column in another view write x and not write x not show view… it is possible?

You can use LOOKUP or ANY(SELECT(…)) expression depending on which one suits better. Maybe remind you that, LOOKUP returns the first element provided the lookup returns more than one identical element.

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Thank You.
Can i ask another question?

i config action in card view layout photo and it’s not work, why?
all action not work except go to detail… can someone help me with this?