Configuration table per user?

Hi, i’m using the per_user settings table but i’m wondering if i’m doing this good because i need more then 10 fields…in short i need to create a table where every user can register some informations regarding themselves to use in the app (for example my name or the address to use in a report and/or an email)…is this the best method or there is something like the possibility to create a table with only one row to use as a config table? Thanks for the advice.

The USERSETTINGS table is really meant to tweak app behavior by the user based on their preferences. And these preferences may change often.

For example, Alert Frequency might be something in an app. One user might want to be notified every 15 minutes, another every 30 minutes while still another wants to turn it iff altogether.

For things that are more statically defined for a user such as Name, Address, Email, Phone, etc. You would be better served creating your own table, especially if you will be using them in reporting. These are not really app configurations but rather user properties or profile information.

Keep in mind that report generation is performed on the servers. I am not entirely certain if they are done under the pretense of a logged in user. Meaning, if not. I don’t think you would have access to the USERSETTINGS values in a report anyway. Regardless, your own table is better for static info.


Hi @WillowMobileSystems,
Well explained on usersettings !

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Also, depending on your exact usage case, there are Private tables. There are some downsides to using them, so make sure that they are absolutely the best way forward before trying to use them. Especially if your app is still testing. I would only enable Private tables as the very last step before publishing the app, when you are sure you don’t need to change the tables structure at all.

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ok thanks for the advice!

Also, keep in mind that USERSETTINGS are device specific, so if the use it on Mobile and a web browser they’ll need to enter the info twice… Or for each device they use, or if they dump they’re cache…


This is also a really important information! Thanks!