Configure Row Type sin GSheet

First time here!

When I start a new data table from GSheet, it will read columns and data to set up the table and columns in AppSheet. Is there a way I can already configure the type on the Gsheet as I’m creating the columns?

If I can already make my Google Sheet indicating what type of column it is, saves me time on the reconfiguration of the table.


Provided you fill a couple of (4-5 not more) dummy data to your columns and set the column types from Format menu, when you create an app from that sheet, AppSheet predicts and assigns the column types automatically. After that you can change the ones that you see as not fitting. The build-up even automatically creates REF columns between 2 tables if one of the sheet names are matching with a column name in the other one.


Can you point me to where I can find that documentation on the REF to other tables? Right now I’m manually setting the columns but if I could do via column names would be even better.

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