Configure search formatting


I need help with formatting data in the search.

There are two cases:

  1. I want to change the date formatting in the search from mm/dd /yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy.

  2. And I also want to change the search format for values ​​from 502.38 (for example) to 502,38.

This is the format used here in Brazil.

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I had already edited all of this in the google spreadsheet and in the appheet tables, but nothing resolved

Make virtual columns.

Date fields values are convered to the format as you want, by using TEXT([Date], “mm/dd/yyy”) and set as Searchable. Original date fields are made to UN-seachable in turn.

Change the decimal value fields to be converted to your format, using Substitute() expression and add dot at thend.
Simply something like


Same story to this conversion, set to searchable, original decimal fields unsearchable.

Then hide all the VCs.

Even after hiding VCs, the rows will be hit upon searching from the top navigation search box.

Try it out.


Wow! Amazing!

This suggestion worked 100%!

Thank you so much!

This community is amazing!

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