Confirm my theory

I have a slice filter and I’m noticing some “odd” delay behavior when uploading the fields that are in my slice condition.
Here is my live formula.
Historical_Invoice_Status is a list of previous changes to statuses,
Current Invoice Status is a virtual column that is grabbing from a database view the Current Status, yes this is convoluted but we have security filters that prevent some Current Statuses from being seen so we need a universal status table.
My theory is that by using a database view to update Current Invoice Status we are getting this 4-5 second delay after the action syncs and the time that the invoice leaves our slice. If I change the formula to go directly off a lookup from the Current Invoice Status table then they instantly leave. Is my theory as to the source of my delay correct?

I have no idea. Sorry! :frowning:

Steve you’re supposed to have all the ideas!

We have a handful of database views and this seems to be common when using views, it’s just not as apparent except when used in slice filtering a deck view. The glories of pre-built data structures that you get too deep into before learning how you should actually set it up.