Confirmation Message after a form is saved

Hello, I have users asking if there is a way they can get a confirmation message or view when they have submitted a form entry - so something like - Thank you your form has been submitted etc.

Hi @supporteh Maybe you could add an Action on form save to take you to another detail view that has your message .

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Sometimes you can also do that directly with an action popup after the form is saved… like with a LINKTOVIEW & confirmation message.


Hey @Aleksi could you please brief this action and view part, to get the success message pop-up after submitting the form.

Would you like to open a pop-up with a small message or do you want to open a bigger view with a longer description like detail view?

I would like a pop-up message saying “thanks… changes made successfully” something like this.

I made a small sample app… called “Confirmation message”. You can find it from This is done with an action.


Somehow this is not working to me. No message will Pop up.
Maybe you expression is wrong?

I removed that expression. It was from another app :slight_smile:

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Thanks again @Aleksi. Your sample inspired me :slight_smile:

Yeap, that’s the idea :grinning:


I use a one-line table with an image I want to use as a prompt.

I set up a Gallery View for this table and have named it Saved.

When the user clicks Save then the App opens the Record Saved view.

I use the Finish View and select the above form’s name from the drop down.

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 11.50.15

Might not be the most elegant solution but works quite well.